what a handsome boy

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140711 #LOSTPLANETinTAIPEI The success fan project "WE ARE ONE" which almost made Chanyeol cry.

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sojung | do not edit.

sojung | do not edit.

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while luhan was being a shy little qt pie (modelling with the bag), sehun smiled & laughed so endearingly ;A;

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Big Bang - To:Ur Imagination Teaser

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Yixing helps the staff to bring back the chairs and then keep waving to fans until Teacher He (Happy Camp MC) has to come and catches him to go Backstage [x]

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tlp in chengdu: xiuhan during ‘love love love’ ♥

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TRACK: He said i'm genius .

XM : Lay is genuis.

Lay:He said i’m genuis x .

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chanyeol&luhan holding hands ♡

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Sehun for American Apparel♪( ´▽`)


Sehun for American Apparel♪( ´▽`)

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?/∞ B&W Edits of 오세훈
?/ B&W Edits of 오세훈

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